Specifically, architecture which includes an urban design perspective and contributes to the immediate precinct and benefits or is synergistic with the built, social/cultural and natural environment at all scales.

2305, 2024

Urban Design in a Wilderness Setting: The Case of Agulhas Bay, South Africa

|May 23, 2024|

The lighthouse precinct in South Africa’s Cape Agulhas is used to show that the discipline of urban design is relevant to any place where spatial development is contemplated, in this case, a wilderness setting. An international award-winning project.

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2003, 2024

In Retrospect: Lessons from the International Design Competition for Barangaroo

|March 20, 2024|

The development of Barangaroo in Sydney’s East Darling Harbour has produced an outcome vastly different to the winning Master Plan competition design. Philip Thalis draws out the issues and lessons for the future.

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